4 Jan File: Statika Struktur. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Comment. Name. Email. Website. Save my name. Tugas Akhir Pemrograman Komputer. Statika Struktur Simulator 1. Klik Bendera Hijau Untuk Memulai. 2. Masukkan Jarak yang diinginkan (maks cm). 3. Contents Introduction Center of Gravity of a 2D Body Centroids and First Moments of Areas and Lines Centroids of Common Shapes of Areas Centroids of .

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Volume of a statika struktur of revolution is equal to the generating area times the distance traveled by the centroid through the rotation.

statika struktur Divide the area into a triangle, rectangle, and semicircle with a circular cutout. Compute the coordinates of the area centroid by dividing the first moments by the total area. Multiply by density statika struktur acceleration to get the mass and acceleration. About project SlidePlayer Terms statikx Service.

The concept of the first moment of an area is used to locate the centroid.

STATIKA STRUKTUR Genap 2012 / 2013 I Made Gatot Karohika ST. MT.

Evaluate the total area. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. OK Centroids and Centers of Gravity.

Determine the support reactions by summing moments about the beam stztika. Published by Tucker Husbands Modified over statika struktur years ago. Knowing that the pulley is made of steel and that the density of steel is determine the mass and weight of the rim. The diameter of each statika struktur is 1 in.

The outside diameter of a pulley is 0.

Tutorial MS1210 Statika Struktur

Locate the center of gravity of the steel machine element. Auth with social network: We think you have liked statika struktur presentation. Find the total area and first moments of the triangle, rectangle, and semicircle. The first moment statika struktur an area with respect to a line of symmetry is zero.

Strukutr of statika struktur surface of revolution is equal to the length of the generating curve times the distance traveled by the centroid through the rotation. Determine the equivalent concentrated load and the reactions at the supports.

Statika Struktur

Subtract the area and first moment of the circular cutout. The centroid of an area is analogous to statika struktur center of statika struktur of a body. Determine the constant k. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

To use statika struktur website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. A beam supports a distributed load as shown.

Determine by direct integration the location of the centroid of a statika struktur spandrel. Centroid of a Volume Center of gravity G Results are independent statika struktur body orientation, For homogeneous bodies. If an area possesses two lines of symmetry, statika struktur centroid lies at their intersection.

Using either vertical or horizontal strips, perform a single integration struktue find the first moments. Calculate the first moments of each area with respect to the axes. Evaluate the centroid coordinates. To make this website work, we log user data and statika struktur it with processors. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Apply the theorem of Pappus-Guldinus to evaluate the volumes or revolution for the rectangular rim section and the inner cutout section.

A distributed load can be replace by a concentrated load with a magnitude equal to the area under the load curve and a line of action passing through the area centroid.